BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master- Apply patch from ticket #996 (thanks Miguel Gimenez)T Petrov12 days
release-08.02Renamed release-8.02 (/branches/release-8.02 ) to release-08.02.Martin Halle22 months
release-16.01Renamed release-16.xx (/branches/release-16.xx ) to release-16.01.Martin Halle3 years
release-16.xx* UI: Fix redraw problem on ubuntu because freeze/thaw are used in a wrong wayT Petrov3 years
release-17.12- Bump debian version.Jens Lody3 years
release-17.xxFix debian/changelog for release.Jens Lody3 years
release-18.xx* updated Doxygen scripts for generating SDK and other docsMartin Halle22 months
release-20.03* DoxyBlocks: Fix a crash on startup (ticket #839)T Petrov7 weeks
release-20.xx- build: Fix centos/rhel/fedora package generationT Petrov4 months
scintilla_3_6_x* merged trunk into scintilla branch (trunk to scintilla)Martin Halle3 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  codeblocks-20.03.tar.gz  Martin Halle4 months  codeblocks-17.12.tar.gz  Martin Halle3 years  codeblocks-16.01.tar.gz  Martin Halle5 years  codeblocks-13.12.tar.gz  Martin Halle6 years  codeblocks-12.11.tar.gz  Martin Halle6 years  wxpropgrid_debugger_merge_candidate.tar.gz  Martin Halle9 years  before_merge_codecompletion_refactoring.tar.gz  Martin Halle10 years  codeblocks-10.05.tar.gz  Yiannis Mandravellos10 years  wiley1.tar.gz  Yiannis Mandravellos11 years  codeblocks-8.02.tar.gz  Yiannis Mandravellos12 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
12 days- Apply patch from ticket #996 (thanks Miguel Gimenez)HEADmasterT Petrov7-47/+50
12 days* MouseSap: Make sure to show the configuration panel only in the Settings ->...T Petrov1-1/+1
12 days- Sort the wxWidgets includes in the src/app.cpp fileT Petrov1-14/+14
12 days* Fix starting the application on LinuxT Petrov8-619/+5
12 days* build: Fix all -Wsuggest-override warnings for the ThreadSearch pluginT Petrov9-37/+30
12 days* build: Fix many -Wsuggest-override warnings for the core and core pluginsT Petrov88-651/+660
2020-07-15* KeyBinder - version 2.0.16 2020/07/14Pecan Heber3-24/+44
2020-07-12- compiler: Fix a typo in tooltip (ticket #988)T Petrov1-1/+1
2020-07-11- compiler: Try to make the tooltip be on multiple lines (ticket #988)T Petrov1-1/+1
2020-07-11- compiler: Put the tooltip at the correct control (ticket 988)T Petrov1-1/+1